Unemployed Again

I am writing this sitting on a train south bound to Edinburgh, so will keep it brief as I like to read and absentmindedly gaze out of the window on train journeys; added bonus, I am currently sitting in a window seat with a table all to my myself, so I’d like to stretch out my legs whilst I have the luxurious opportunity to do so.

Student life commences in nine days. This week I worked my last shift at both my tutoring and café job and yesterday I was actually struck by the first wave of uncertainty. Feeling unsure and nervous as well as full of anticipation, it is a strange mix of emotions to launch oneself from secure employment into the slip stream of something new. I know what I’m doing in restaurants, but I’m a little out of the loop at being a student and certainly have no idea what it feels like to be a teacher in training. That’s rather exciting I suppose, and the wheels are very much in motion for that.

But first, off on holiday I go. Two nights in Edinburgh catching up with family, friends, and soaking up the Fringe Festival atmosphere; I suspect my heart strings will pang once again for the beautiful city that still feels like home. Then onward south to London for five nights in the capital filled with theatre, dinners, shopping, and general touring about and birthday shenanigans before I fly back home on Sunday and start classes on the Monday. What a week ahead.


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