Poetry Exercise


Today I realised that I can get a little carried away and caught up in something creative. This isn’t a negative thing, however, if there are time constraint on how long you should be devoting attention to a task then an irrational need to perfect something is a little bit of a hindrance.

Following a workshop on poetry today (Literacy) we were asked to work individually or in pairs to write a haiku. Having looked online the night previous and typed “what is a haiku” in the search engine-just to double check-I felt quite confident in my creative writing ability that I could go off and get this done quite quickly. The “modern” element of the literacy task also included creating an online slideshow using a website called ‘Photopeach’ and this took a little more time to navigate than the initial creative process of writing a haiku.

Off to the library I ventured, for the first time, to sign on to a computer and log onto the ‘VLE’. A thought had come to mind on leaving the workshop “right, what shall I write about…well, how about something I’ve seen recently on the news…”and running with this I decided to think about the international refugee crisis. Whether or not a haiku is a suitable form of poetry to encapsulate such a complex theme is open for debate, however if I am to encourage children as a teacher in the classroom to develop a sense responsibility and global citizenship then I should be prepared to address a plethora of topics and current events.
img_0176Note pad to the left, I put pen to paper and scribbled down some words following the traditional haiku structure: three lines; five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five syllables again in the third. I tried to think about a single thought that someone might have and how one thought can be powerful, poetic, and emotive.

Next came the fun and “high tech modern teaching” bit.
Setting up an account with Photopeach was easy, and creating a slideshow was simple too, so I feel that this is a resource which I could use effectively in the classroom and that children would respond to really well. However, this is where my creativity became a little entrenched. After searching quite quickly online for appropriate photographs and selecting a track on ‘YouTube’ which I felt would give a suitable tone to the poem, I was disappointed that I was unable to download the video and save the url link as the task had instructed. In a classroom situation I would have to think on my feet in a situation like this, if I hadn’t already checked beforehand about certain restrictions on websites-you always have to upgrade to get all the perks; I learnt my lesson.

The haiku has been posted on the University discussion board as instructed by the TDA and I have enjoyed reading others and seeing what my peers have come up with given the same task.

Below is the link to see what I came up with:



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